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for governing. >> the american people don't expect government to solve every problem. they don't expect those of us in this chamber to agree on every issue. but they do expect us to put the nation's interests before party. >> bill: the in case's interests before party. i noticed even john boehner applauded that particular line. then the president said what this is all about -- and his entire speech last night really was about the economy, about jobs, and how you get this economy going. the president said it many many, many times in the past. he repeated it last night. you don't grow the economy from the top, down. you grow the economy from the middle class, out. president obama, everything he said last night was how to build and strengthen america's middle class. >> it is our generation's task, then, to reignite the true engine of america's economic growth, a rising thriving middle class. [applause.] >> bill: and the president, so he talked about doing that in many, many different ways. he talked about doing it by creating new jobs by getting rid of the tax
billion in automatic cuts. the continuing resolution that funds the government expires on march 27th so march is going to be an incredibly busy month anyway. you had immigration gun control and now to put on top of that, a minimum wage increase and universal preschool that's an awl big load for any congress to carry, especially one that's split between the parties. >> bill: the president also talked about jobs and particularly getting jobs started in the manufacturing sector in various ways by these manufacturing hubs he called them by getting rid of tax breaks for taking jobs overseas and giving tax advantages to people who are bringing jobs back into this country. >> some of that stuff he can do on his own. >> bill: i was going to ask you that. >> he already has the money for it. some of that stuff can be called from the current stimulus program. money still being spent off of that. >> bill: so he did at one point, he used that phrase in the speech. i forget exactly what program he was talking about. maybe climate change. if you don't do it, i will. defiant. >> climate change, he ment
protection for gays and lesbians who work for the government, make sure they're not fired because of their sexual orientation and gender identity because congress isn't going to take up that kind of bill. so what is he going to say about what he can do through administrative action, through executive order? and then, of course, you have the big issues. big issues he laid out at the inaugural. climate change. is he going to add details to the call to action? what is he going to do about jobs? are we going to see a jobs plan? how much is he going to talk about the deficit which of course, would be playing into this republican framework that we need more cuts in spending, more cuts in spending. so a lot to look forward to. >> bill: immigration. >> immigration. of course, immigration. now the argument -- >> bill: and gun safety. >> the argument on immigration i think thankfully has shifted from the inaugural. it is no longer should we do immigration. do we include a path to citizenship or not. gun safety a universal background checks, there seems to be some bipartisan agreement on tha
that looks out for people, any kind of specificity is what we ought to do as a national government when we know that individual communities face individual problems. >> i don't know. seems like a political suicide to me. >> one thing that's really interesting right now, on the violence against women act is, senator jim demint who left congress at the end of this past year, he went over and now he is leading the heritage foundation. >> yes. >> the very conservative think tank group. they are actually vote checking on the violence against women act meaning, they are encouraging people not to vote for it. >> wow. >> they are going to mark it on their record if they do. >> on their scorecard. >> jim demint's first move at the heritage foundation. >> my pre-dix was he was going to destroy the reputation of the heritage foundation. sounds like et cetera well on his way to do so. jen bendery, we have a briefing today at the whitehouse jen bendery covers the house for huffington post. we will be back with jamal simmons and the rest of the news of the day. this is th
disappears. the choice between big government or big business. >> goes out without saying i'm sorry. i'm theist. barbara mcculsky. was she excited when the reins won the super bowl? >> oh, would you -- wow, there goes flacco for the 70 yard tus. i am short and chunky but i was ready to do cart wheels around my condo that evening. >> wow. wow. >> big news. flacco. president obama with a very powerful, emotional ending to his state of the union speech. >> number 1: gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of tucson and blacksberg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence they deserve a simple vote. >> yes, indeed a very powerful moment, a very powerful message on the president saying, you can vote no if you want to. i am not asking you necessarily. you have to vote for the assault weapons ban, although you should, but certainly, that idea and banning the high-capacity magazines as well as closing the loophole on the gun shows deserves a vote. >> this is "
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5